Great Customer Service

I am the maintenance supervisor for the Clarkston Medical Building and was introduced to Ian during the McLaren Emergency Department build out a few years ago. I just wanted to say what an exceptional representative Ian is for Macomb Mechanical. He is very persistent and was determined to solve a heating problem in the McLaren Emergency Department waiting room that existed since the building was built. I went back to the architects and engineers to help correct this problem but it was never right. The terminal unit was not producing enough heat and their “fix” was to raise the boiler temps. Ian pushed for answers with his team and had it solved in a few weeks. He followed up throughout the whole project out here to make sure everyone was happy and that all equipment was meeting our expectations. I was impressed with his energy and enthusiasm to provide the best service possible. I kept his number and call him whenever I need anything. Our fire suppression contractor was lacking in service and response time so I called Ian when we needed our testing done this year and he promptly put together a quote and a team to get it done. The Clarkston Surgery Center was late on their quarterly flow test so I called Ian once again and he had a Tech out the next day to complete their quarterly inspection. He has proven to be a great partner in the maintenance field for me and I’m sure many others in the area.

Thanks to Ian for great service.


Tim W