Humidity levels have a huge impact on the comfort level of a room, as well as the protection of sensitive equipment. Macomb Mechanical's dehumidifiers add water to the air, allowing you to control humidity in a cost-effective manner.

Excessively dry air can cause a range of problems that can cost you money, make you uncomfortable, and even be dangerous in some situations. Dry air and unstable humidity levels can cause serious problems in industries utilizing wood, paper, textiles, leather, or chemicals. Dry environments can also produce an excess of static electricity which can interfere with the proper operation of computers, electronics, and machinery. Static can also wreak havoc on materials that are prone to static including paper, film, and plastics. Static electricity can even be dangerous in environments with flammable or volatile substances.

Macomb Mechanical has a team of skilled designers supported by highly trained field journeyman that understand selection, installation, and maintenance of many different types of humidifiers. From simple home style humidifiers, to sophisticated steam generating commercial units, we understand how to address humidification issues.

Humidifiers are beneficial in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, museums, schools, financial institutions, and places of worship. Contact us today to discuss your humidifier needs.