Fan Walls

Larger air handing units (AHU) incorporate fans that are designed as single blowers, run by individual fan motors. These blowers are very inefficient both from an energy standpoint and in performance. From a service standpoint, relying on a singe blower and one motor is risky. If the unit fails there is no back up available until the blower is brought back online.

Newer blower technology has been developed where smaller fans are connected together in a fan wall and function as an individual unit. These fan walls typically have motors that are run off of variable frequency drives, allowing them to be controlled from many different points. Fan walls can produce airflow and acoustic performance, energy efficiency, ease of design, electrical and installed cost savings, and easy maintenance as compared to alternative fan array options.

If your facility has AHU that operate with single blower units, contact us today to learn about fan wall technology and see if it is the right choice for your situation.