More often than not, churches and places of worship are built in stages, as budgets allow, for expansion as the congregation grows. From a design and performance standpoint, having an experienced team involved provides value in every phase of construction along the way. Macomb Mechanical has vast experience designing and maintaining systems that deliver temperature control to the variable loads presented by the manner in which churches operate. It all begins with a complete MEP systems analysis, followed by matching the design budget with the leadership goals for growth.

Collaboration is a keystone when constructing a place of worship. Our method is to integrate our design systems with your construction professionals and work as a team. Macomb Mechanical works alongside your church to help God’s vision for your church become a reality. We understand that a church facility can include many mixed use design elements such as a sanctuary, gym, classrooms, kitchen, coffee shop, offices, locker-rooms, nursery, and banquet center. These each represent their own set of challenges when it comes to mechanical design and functionality.

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