Special Hazards

Each facility or structure's fire protection needs are unique. Planning and implementing the ideal fire suppression system for a given facility is where we excel, and our designers and technicians are knowledgeable in installation in many types of facilities and industries. Not every facility is fit to accommodate a wet fire suppression system. In cases where that type of system is not appropriate, it is important to look to a reliable and trustworthy source to find the most effective suppression system available.

At Macomb Mechanical Fire Protection, we have the experience and knowledge to implement the ideal system to suppress fires involving any type of special hazard. Whether your facility houses special electrical equipment or documents that cannot be damaged, we have a suppression system for you. We are also experienced in designing systems for hazards such as flammable liquids or gases, cooking materials, chemical storage, and more.

For more information or to begin planning your special hazard fire suppression system installation with Macomb Mechanical Fire today, contact us.