Internal Piping Inspection

Fire suppression piping and branch line conditions require that an internal inspection is conducted every 5 years. An internal piping inspection consists of a visual inspection of one main and one branch line. The purpose of the internal piping inspection is to check for the presence of corrosion or foreign material capable of obstructing sprinklers and rendering the system ineffective in the event of a fire. Internal piping inspections are most important if there is reason to believe that foreign material exists in the water supply or if the water supply is from a stored or raw water source. These internal inspections are especially critical for dry-pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems.

An obstruction investigation is also required when conditions exist that could cause an obstruction, such as remodeling of a facility or changes in the location of internal furniture, shelving, or other business apparatuses. Macomb Mechanical Fire Protection has a team that has been servicing and installing fire suppression systems and performing internal piping inspections for decades. Over the years, we have built relationships with many municipal inspectors and fire chiefs, as well as suppliers and designers of fire suppression systems.

We are available 24 hours a day to provide inspections of your fire suppression systems. Contact us now to schedule your internal piping inspection.