Fire Suppression Components

Of the many possible fire suppression system configurations, all have numerous essential components. From the backflow valves to the pipes and heads, each piece is important and must be properly installed, inspected, maintained, and, when necessary, repaired. At Macomb Mechanical Fire Protection, our team is prepared to install and service any fire suppression system component that may be required to keep your property safe. Even before installation, our expert designers and technicians will ensure that you select the best configuration for your site or facility and will address any special hazards or design issues.

Fire Suppression Components:

  • Alarm System
  • Backflow Valve
  • Fire Pump & Booster Pump
  • Flow Switch
  • Pipes & Heads
  • Riser
  • Storage Tanks

Choose Macomb Mechanical Fire Protection for your fire suppression system services, and put your mind at ease knowing that you have a trustworthy and reliable team to depend on to keep all of the components of your system functioning at peak performance. Contact us today about your fire suppression system installation or service needs.