VAV Systems

Most larger commercial facilities are broken into zones. These zones each have differing requirements when it comes to heating, cooling, and ventilation. One common, and relatively simple, method of handling the various space demands is through the use of a variable air volume (VAV) system. A typical VAV system consists of these parts:

  • Controller or thermostat
  • Motorized damper
  • Airflow sensor

When the zone or space thermostat senses that the space needs heating or cooling, the VAV responds accordingly. Additional functions commonly incorporated into a VAV system include supplemental heating coils and humidification components.

When your facility runs into a situation that has areas or zones that are not maintaining temperature, Macomb Mechanical has trained technicians available 24 hours every day that are accustomed to working on VAV systems. This includes DDC Controls that are commonly involved on some level that control the entire VAV system.

We are your source for installation, maintenance, and repair of VAV systems. Contact us today to discuss your VAV concerns.