Business Information Modeling

During new constructions, it can be difficult to coordinate all of the parts and pieces of a new facility to fit together. For example, during the construction of a medical facility, owners need to be conscious of many systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and water and how they will fit together. It is most advantageous to have these systems worked into the building plan as early as possible to avoid unnecessary conflict or delays to construction.

When planning your new facility’s construction with Macomb Mechanical Fire Protection, we take special measures to avoid delays and unforeseen complications by implementing our building information modeling (BIM). BIM is a process by which 3D models of a building are compared to eliminate clashes in space by architectural, structural, and MEP systems. Members of each agency or contracting team involved in the construction will then participate in group planning while viewing the 3D model and discussing the best placement and course of action for constructing the necessary components of your facility, including the appropriate fire suppression system. BIM coordinated projects offer a virtual construction of a facility prior to physical construction. This can ease uncertainty on the part of trades constructing the project as well as improve safety, work out problems, increase productivity, decrease construction time, and reduce construction cost.

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