Wet Systems

Wet pipe fire protection systems are the most commonly installed type of fire system. Simplistic in design with piping filled with pressurized water, wet pipe fire systems have proven to be the most reliable, virtually maintenance-free form of fire protection. These systems are limited to being installed in heated environments because the piping in a wet system is always filled with water, ready to extinguish a fire. Simple, versatile, reliable, and effective, wet pipe sprinkler systems can be found in office buildings, high rises, mercantile, commercial and industrial applications, and they are relatively easy to maintain and cost-effective compared to other fire suppression system types. Wet fire suppression systems:

  • are the most commonly installed fire sprinkler system
  • must be installed in a heated facility
  • are the most cost effective form of fire suppression
  • can be easily modified accommodate changes to the building interior

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