Exhaust System Installation & Service

Exhaust Systems are used to remove a variety of types of exhaust from a room or building. Common types of exhaust include welding smoke from commercial fabrication shops, industrial process smoke, and cigar smoke.

Exhaust Smoke

Exhausting smoke is accomplished in a number of different manners. The most common smoke exhaust system is connected to an exhaust hood. Typically this is done with welded black iron steel duct with external fireproofing material attached to the outside.

Utilizing experience and proven design, Macomb Mechanical employs office and field veterans to work through all of the challenges of the smoke exhaust system demands. After careful preparation, we then select the appropriate manufacture and incorporate the proper equipment into the equation.

Exhaust Hoods & Systems

There are many areas where mechanical exhaust systems are prevalent, but some of the most common areas where Macomb Mechanical designs, installs, and services exhaust systems are kitchen hoods, industrial process exhaust, paint booths, and restroom exhaust systems. No matter what type of exhaust your project requires, the most important factor is to have intelligent design followed with a skilled installation and service. If the design is flawed, the results achieved will be unpredictable and ineffective. Macomb Mechanical has been designing, installing, and servicing exhaust systems of all types for over 40 years.

We have the experience needed to help you get the best exhaust system to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss your exhaust system concerns.