IT/Data Centers

When it comes to risk management for your business, few areas represent as critical of an area as the IT data room. If an IT data room or data center drops off line for any reason, the impact can be devastating to your business and its customers. Macomb Mechanical understands the importance of having systems in place to support servicing such critical environments.

Redundancy in our service support staff is as important as redundancy in your equipment design. Macomb Mechanical employs multiple highly trained service technicians supported by an experienced business infrastructure and redundant dispatch system. For projects involving design and installation, Macomb Mechanical has a wide array of staff and vendors capable of delivering a data center mechanical system from concept to commissioning. Our highly trained system technicians have completed factory training for many major brands and possess an in-depth knowledge of the Liebert and Schneider Electric brands specifically.

Every data center air conditioning system has two key functions: to provide the bulk cooling capacity, and to distribute the air to the IT loads. The first function of providing bulk cooling capacity is the same for room, row, and rack-based cooling. This function supporting bulk cooling capacity of the air conditioning system in kilowatts must cool the total power load (kW) of the IT equipment. The various technologies to provide this function are the same whether the cooling system is designed at the room, row, or rack level.

Ensure that your IT data room or data center is protected, contact us today to discuss your data center mechanical system needs and concerns.