Spot Cooler Maintenance & Repairs

Cooling large areas of a room to offset the heat generated by equipment or maintaining a specific temperature in a otherwise hot environment can be cost prohibitive. We offer spot cooler maintenance and repairs to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Spot coolers are a cost-effective and efficient method to provide the cooling you need. Spot cooling uses a stationary or portable air conditioning unit to direct cold air directly onto an object, person, or area without having to cool the entire area. Spot cooling units are ideal for bringing instant relief to overheated employees and protecting heat sensitive equipment.

The concept of spot cooling may not be a new idea, but it does require experience and training to determine the most cost-effective and efficient placements for spot cooler units. Macomb Mechanical understands when spot cooling can be used to provide localized cooling in a variety of work environments, including workshops, factories, data centers, hospitals, kitchens, and more.

We are here to find solutions to your cooling issues. Contact us today to learn about our spot cooler maintenance and repair services.