Automatic Flush Valves

Flush Valves most commonly come in two styles: manual (button or lever) and automatic. The purpose of the this valve is to flush the waste away into your sewer system, typically from a urinal or toilet. Flushometers have become permanent staples in most public restrooms due to their high water-efficiency compared to standard gravity operated toilets found in most residential homes.

Brands such as Sloan Valve feature automatic flush valves which are sensor operated and easy to maintain. Using these automatic flush valves means a more hygienic approach to flushing the toilet. Electronic flushers are subjected to less vandalism and damage since there are fewer hands trying to pull on a lever that could eventually wear out. The sensor operation helps your water closets stay cleaner while also flushing less water making them the more eco-friendly choice. Eco-friendly flush valves flush a minimal amount of water down the drain helping you save both the environment and money.

Common manufacturers are Sloan, Delta, Zurn, Chicago, Hydrotek, and American Standard. There are also popular retrofit kits available as well. Retrofit kits generally slide over the existing flusher handle and are then bolted on securely.

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