Pipe Fitting

Macomb Mechanical employs many pipe fitting tradesman, whom install, maintain, and repair pipes that carry chemicals, acids, and gases. Our pipe fitters are required to have a broad base of knowledge when it comes to their job and often handle more complex systems, such as hydraulics, high pressure/steam systems, refrigeration, and manufacturing fluids. With these specialized systems comes an added demand to be highly skilled in the craft of pipe fitting because of the hazardous materials that are often associated with them. Also, there is a wider variety of pipe that pipe fitters need to be proficient in installing including stainless steel, copper, PVC, galvanized steel, and other specialty materials.

Macomb Mechanical pipe fitting is supported by trade professionals that can interpret plans, measure and cut sections of piping to exact specifications, and install the system of pipes, valves, pumps and backflow prevention equipment based on the system design and operational requirements.

We are your source for expert pipe fitting services; contact us today to discuss your needs.