Retail & Hospitality

The retail, hospitality, and entertainment industry segment can be both exciting and challenging as it applies to construction and the mechanical systems that serve these facilities. Macomb Mechanical has experience designing and maintaining systems that deliver temperature control to the variable and sometimes unpredictable loads. It all begins with a complete MEP systems analysis, followed by defining any strength, weakness, opportunity or threat, and any steps that should be implemented.

In order to make decisions based on knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of the facility mechanical infrastructure is required. We have an experienced staff that can provide life cycle cost analysis, systems analysis, LEED considerations, comparative cost analysis, detailed budgeting, scope estimating, project specific safety training, and long lead identification and procurement.

Macomb Mechanical has worked on projects serving casinos, hotels, retail spaces of all sizes, movie theaters, concert halls, auditoriums, ice arenas, and fitness centers. Contact us today to discuss your retail and hospitality projects.