Water Flow Test

How big will the pipe be in my building? How much will my system cost? Will I be able to put in a fire protection system without a fire pump? These questions can all be answered most accurately after a flow test has been conducted on the property. A water flow test measures the available water supply at a current or prospective building site. This is important because the available water flow determines fire protection pipe sizing as well as whether or not the building fire system can be constructed without use of a fire pump. These are both significant factors in determining cost.

If you are purchasing an existing building that has fire suppression, it is always best to determine if the existing fire protection system can adequately provide protection for the proposed building in advance. A water flow test, as well as some engineering analysis, can determine if the fire system is sufficient or can economically be upgraded.

Don’t get stung by hidden costs after a purchase; the team at Macomb Mechanical Fire Protection can evaluate any existing fire system to determine if it meets the standards set forth in NFPA for your particular business. To schedule your water flow test today, contact us today.