Backflow Testing

The State of Michigan requires testing of backflow preventers. This regulatory mandate is designed to prevent backflow of contaminated water into a potable drinking water system. The state law mandates that the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office perform cross connection inspections on more than 36,000 residential customers.

Types of Products Included in Backflow Testing

  • Air gap
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker
  • Pressure vacuum
  • Double check valve assembly
  • Reduced pressure zone assembly

Macomb Mechanical can help ensure that both residential and commercial customers in Michigan meet water safety regulations and standards. Our team of certified and licensed technicians will perform the mandated backflow testing. We always carry the required parts and equipment needed to repair any defects discovered during the inspection. Not only will we perform the backflow testing, we will also record the results and report them to the appropriate city or state office.

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