Server Room Cooling

Of all the rooms in your business, the IT sever room may be the one place most crucial to keep cool. Your servers hold business data, website files, and customer information that's necessary to run your business. However, overheating machinery may break down, halting your business or even losing your data.

Macomb Mechanical's HVAC specialists are experienced in designing and installing airflow cooling systems that will fit your workspace, time, and budget. Depending on the build of your server room and the needs of your servers, we can create an air conditioning layout that's perfect for your business.

Our server room cooling system designs come in three types: room, row, and rack, which focus on cooling the entire room, each separate row of servers, or a single server rack, respectively. Each method has its pros and cons and our experts are happy to help you find the one that best meets your business' needs.

To find out more about our server room cooling options, contact us. Our service department is available all hours of the day and is dedicated to delivering service that exceeds your expectations.