Make-Up Air

Make-up air, also known as compensating air, is comprised of outside air that is brought indoors to replace air that is being exhausted by ventilation or combustion.

Make-up air is typically used to create a safer or more comfortable environment for employees or work being completed. When there is too little air being introduced into the building, a negative pressure condition will result. Negative pressure can make the environment uncomfortable and reduce the effectiveness of exhaust systems. Simply adding additional exhaust fans will not remedy this problem, in fact it will only add to the overall cost and possibly create unsafe air conditions. Make-up air can be conditioned to be warmer or colder, or the humidity levels can be altered depending on the needs of the building.

Signs of the Need for Make-Up Air

  • Noticeable temperature fluctuations - Some areas may be too warm, while others are cold
  • Exterior door issues - They may be difficult to open and close, or they may easily slam, causing bodily injury
  • Drafts - Drafts of cold air can be felt around openings and cracks
  • Ineffective exhaust systems - System doesn't perform at rated capacity
  • Back-Venting - Gravity vents may back-vent, bringing potentially hazardous combustion products into building

Macomb Mechanical understands that an energy efficient building has equal amounts of compensating air and exhaust air. Just like negative air pressure, positive air pressure is also detrimental, increasing operating costs and pushing fumes into the building. So we precisely create the make-up air system to meet your unique needs.

Our experienced staff, both field technicians and designers will evaluate all of the systems in your facility and determine the most effective manner in which to balance the air pressure in your building. We have many instances where new systems were designed and installed that returned the cost of the installation in less than two years due to improved efficiency. Contact us today for more information.