HVAC Controls

Building controls can be simplistic by controlling one or two pieces of equipment, similar to a thermostat in your home, or a more sophisticated system. These systems known as Direct Digital Controls (DDC), are able to control everything that is electrical in your facility. Our team of experts at Macomb Mechanical are dedicated to offering individualized service and HVAC control installations for your building.

Central controllers and terminal unit controllers are typically programmable and can be customized for a specific use. They can be programmed based on time schedules, set-points, timers, and more. Unit controllers often utilize both analog and digital inputs to measures variables like temperature, pressure, or humidity.

Direct Digital Controls can be networked together to share information and are often used to control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Macomb mechanical employs field technicians that are trained in many types of controls, both digital and mechanical (pneumatic). Contact us today to schedule your control services.