Pre-Action Systems

A pre-action system incorporates a failsafe network to protect against accidental activation. These systems combine features of dry, wet, and deluge systems. They are typically used in areas where valuable materials or artifacts are stored such as museums or data storage facilities. The two types of pre-action systems are single interlock and double interlock.

  • Single interlock pre-action systems consist of a dry pipe system that becomes a wet system following detection of a fire event such as smoke or heat. Once the beginning stages of the fire are detected and the pre-action valve is opened, the piping is filled, and the system functions as a wet system.
  • Double interlock pre-action systems, again, utilize a detection device to confirm a fire event, but the double failsafe property comes from secondary detection from an automatic sprinkler system that must be activated before water is released into the piping. After the water has entered the piping, this system resembles a deluge system.

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