Water Treatment Services

We offer a broad range of water treatment services to address virtually any water-related problem you may be having. Our testing and treatment solutions ensure your water is safe to use for all purposes, including drinking, cooking, and industrial processes.

When it comes to water, many variables in quality exist that may or may not create problems for your facility or business infrastructure. If your facility has boilers, chillers, water coils, or industrial processes that utilize water, regular testing and water quality control should be part of the regular scheduled maintenance program.

Our water treatment services for HVAC systems minimize corrosion, scale buildup, and biological growth for optimum efficiency of HVAC equipment without creating a hazard to operating personnel or the environment. Closed hydronic systems, including low temperature, hot-water heating, chilled water, and glycol cooling and/or heating, should have water qualities that are maintained within the tolerances outlined by the manufacturer.

Macomb Mechanical can include water testing and water treatment services as part of a regular scheduled maintenance program. Furthermore, we are able to provide chemicals and a service program to maintain proper water conditions. These services are essential for preventing corrosion, scale formation, and biological growth for cooling, chilled-water piping, heating, hot-water piping, condenser-water piping, and equipment. In addition, we can test the glycol annually making sure that you have the proper freeze protections in place.

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