Michigan HVAC Services


Macomb Mechanical is your one stop source for all your Michigan HVAC needs. We have an excellent team of highly trained and experienced technicians to ensure that your systems are functioning properly. We offer a huge selection of HVAC services, including installation, maintenance, scheduled maintenance, repairs, and emergency services.

Our Michigan HVAC Services

  • Heating Whether you need help with boilers, humidification, or another type of heater, we make sure your facility or home is warm during the cold winter months.
  • Cooling - We help you protect your investments by providing excellent service to your A/C, cooling towers, and chillers.
  • Ventilation - Ensure that your indoor air quality is at its best with our services for exhaust system, air filtration, UV, and more.
  • Controls - We are trained to work with many types of building system controls, both digital and pneumatic.
  • Geothermal - We are dedicated to designing and installing effective, efficient systems to provide heating and cooling.
  • Solar - We have experience in implementing successful solar projects in Michigan.

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