Roof Top HVAC Units

A large majority of commercial facilities have heating and cooling equipment located on the roof. Roof top HVAC units commonly get overlooked when it comes to maintenance and up-keep. Macomb Mechanical often services roof top units and equipment located on the roof that is not operational due to lack of maintenance and plugged filters and coils.

Roof top HVAC units can incorporate many other functions, including ventilation, humidity control, air filtration, and exhaust. Larger facilities that have multiple roof top equipment often incorporates Direct Digital Controls (DDC) to operate every facet of the equipment and access the control points from a laptop or cell phone.

There are many different roof top equipment sizes, efficiencies, and designs available. They all require maintenance and service, and Macomb Mechanical recommends that takes place at least once every year. We also offer Scheduled Maintenance contracts that take all of the guess work out of keeping your equipment functioning to the best of it’s ability.

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