Backflow Installation

A backflow prevention device is required by code and city ordinance and should be installed in water systems in order to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Our experienced technicians will make sure a backflow prevention device is properly installed to protect your facility from such a disaster.

We have broad capabilities when it comes to backflow installations. Typically water supply systems are maintained at a much higher pressure than your facility water systems, however, if back pressure becomes higher for any reason (i.e. pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, etc) than contaminants can enter the drinker water stream. Whichever water system your faculty incorporates, we have a team of technicians available to handle your design and backflow installation.

State laws, as well as local county water departments, mandate that you perform cross connection inspections which include both commercial and residential water customers.

Macomb Mechanical has a team of certified and licensed technicians trained to perform all of the required backflow testing as well as record and report the results. We also carry all of the necessary parts and equipment which are frequently difficult to find. In the event that defects are discovered during testing, repairs can be made during the same visit. Once completed, we fill out all of the appropriate paperwork for submission to the local code officials having jurisdiction.

We are your source for backflow installation, testing, and repair. Contact us for more information about our backflow installation services.