Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are essential for providing a source of water to fire fighters in the event of a fire. In Michigan, as in other freezing climates, the fire hydrant has a valve located below the frost line and requires a special wrench to open the valve and activate the hydrant.

In most areas fire hydrants require annual inspections and maintenance. Fire hydrants normally only have a one-year warranty, but some have five or even ten-year warranties, although the longer warranty does not remove the need for periodic inspections or maintenance. These inspections are generally performed by the local municipalities, but they often do not inspect hydrants that are identified as private.

Private hydrants are usually located on larger properties to adequately protect large buildings in case of a fire and in order to comply with the fire code. Such hydrants have met the requirements of insurance underwriters and are often referred to as UL/FM hydrants. Some companies are contracted out to inspect private fire hydrants unless the municipality has undertaken that task.

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