Nordstrom / 12 Oaks Mall / Novi Michigan

This is a thank you for having such a professional, courteous and generally nice representative of your company, as the Foreman on this project. Steve Smallridge has from the very first kept me informed of all issues and always communicated about all issues and asked before covering up any work.

The communication between us has been greatly appreciated. As the City of Novi has not seen the down turn of work as other areas in and around Detroit have, my work load and the number of ongoing projects is very high.

The less supervising and educating of persons whom should know how to inter-act with an inspector the better a project moves forward without interruptions or conflicts.

I have had no problems or frustrations with working with Steve throughout this project. Even on the final Steve met with me and walked throughout the project and showed me every item that I needed to see before a final approval could be granted.

Excellent! I wish I could say that every contractor was as professional. This type of work ethics is greatly appreciated by myself and what every inspector would like to see.

Thank you, for having such a person represent your company on this project.

Paul Stiles

City of Novi - Plumbing Inspector